Athletes, Doctors, Engineers, Executives, and Financial Advisors before purchasing long-term disability insurance. READ THIS.

Doctors, dentists, investment advisers, athletes, entertainers, CPAs, company executives, business owners and all other high income earning individuals, make sure you know what you’re getting, and that you’re getting what you’re paying for.  Here are some important questions to ask: How … [Read more...]

The Worst Super Bowl Injury

What is the worst football injury you ever saw? Rashad Johnson, free safety for the Arizona Cardinals, severed his finger in a 2013 game against the Minnesota Vikings. Then, of course, there are concussions, torn ACLs, fractured vertebrae, the list goes on. For professional athletes, sports injuries … [Read more...]

Does ERISA help you or hurt you?

As a result of ERISA, if you obtain your insurance at the workplace you don’t have as many remedies as you otherwise would have. All of your rights are eliminated under state law, because federal law takes over, and federal law under ERISA doesn’t exist.  There are no protections under federal law. … [Read more...]