Federal Judge Issues Injunction Against Disability Insurance Giant UnumProvident

Ray Bourhis Win Huge Victory for All Insureds as Judge Orders Company to ‘Obey the Law’ and Issues an Injunction Enjoining It From Future Bad Faith Violations

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 14 /PRNewswire/ — The following statement was released by Ray Bourhis:

Federal Judge James Larson has ruled Paul Revere/UnumProvident et al., liable for violating California Business and Professions Code Sec. 17200 (Unfair Business Practices). In a strongly worded opinion, Judge Larson, among other things, issued an injunction ordering the company to obey the law and enjoined it from future violations, including but not limited to targeting for termination categories of claims or claimants, employing biased medical examiners, destroying medical reports, and withholding from claimants information about their benefits.

Judge Larson also denied all of UnumProvident’s post trial motions and upheld the $7.6 million award in all respects, including punitive damages.

UnumProvident is the nation’s largest disability insurer and provides over 17 million Americans with disability insurance, either privately or through their employers. On Sunday, November 17, 2002, CBS’s 60 Minutes will air a program exposing the company’s bad faith actions of targeting disabled claimants for termination. People who have been targeted and terminated by UnumProvident for cancellation have included individuals with Parkinson’s disease, AIDS, spinal injuries, organic brain damage and cancer.

For the full 62 page written opinion you can log onto , then go to “recent Orders,
Larson. You can also visit for information on Sunday’s 60 Minutes piece.

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